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Information Systems
WORKFORCE Human Resources
For over 9 years, we’ve prepared your Workforce.
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Information Systems
WORKFORCE Human Resources
For over 9 years, we’ve prepared your Workforce.
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Global consultation Driven By Impact

A new decade has forced a shift in society. This results in new HR approaches incorporating innovation, research, analytics and industry insight to help design and execute critical programs from business-driven HR, leadership and change program.

AJ consulting is a strategic and innovative firm which assists organizations optimize business effectiveness, identify opportunity, incorporate best practices, create change, accelerate growth and add value. Our team uses a thought process approach to transform operations. A blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management expertise allows us to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. We use the design thinking approach to define brands, design services, and deliver experiences.

Our Mission

Help organizations to use data driven insight and human centered design to solve their most challenging problems.

Our Values

Optimistic – Employing the maximal approach to transform organizations cultures and business.

Make Others Successful. – Going above and beyond, incorporating evidence based strategies to create magical environments.

Customer Focus- Understand current customer journey, implement relevant change and measure success.


Strategic deployment is attained through accurate analysis and subject matter expertise employing consultants

Private Corporation

A good consultant can assess current practices to determine gaps/deficiencies, develop cost- savings solutions, add value and assist organizations in acquiring a return on investment.

Fortune 500

Few companies will propel to land a spot on the Fortune 500. Adequate assistance from a reputable consulting firm can navigate an organization to perform at top levels, obtaining a competitive advantage, strengthening the corporate performance.


Non-profit organizations operate under different structures and & tax laws than most businesses. A consultant can access current practices, develop cost saving solutions and implement industry standards to strengthen the organization's overall performance.


A financial based organization benefits significantly from a consultant to optimize business operations, evaluate processes and advise leadership based on industry standards.

Food Service

As with any industry, the food service businesses operate with high standards and will always procure a greater market.

Wide Range of business development

Adept at developing strategic solutions to optimize, organizations effectiveness.

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